Custom Note Cards | Small Business Marketing Ideas

Sympathy Thank You
As a small business things like rapport building and advertising can be vital for long term success. A more personal approach to customer relations can turn those one time customers into regular clients, effectively improving sales and making those slow months of the year much more bearable. But how to do you advertise to potential regulars without alienating them in the process?

Business thank you cards are a fantastic way to show customers that you appreciate their business while reminding them of the services you provide. Custom note cards of any kind are a great and inexpensive alternative to things like flyers, and they leave a more professional impression. They can be designed to be personal and informative, which is ideal when trying to establish a lasting relationship between you and your customers while show casing new products or sales.

Custom note cards have a multitude of uses that go beyond simple thank you cards though. They are a great alternative to business cards with the extra space they have to work with. For example, instead of only having enough room for an address and some keywords that describe your business, with note cards you could include a map with directions and some pictures that might better get across what it is you specialize in.

Here at Personalized Paper we offer a wide variety of note card options. With our elaborate design tools you can have complete control over how your cards look, or you can browse our extensive catalog of pre-made templates. We offer very low minimum orders so you can try us out without spending your entire budget. We even have free samples in case you would like try before you buy!