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We’re Now Shipping to Canada!

Canada and Canada have teamed up!

America’s largest manufacturer of custom notepads, note cards, business forms, sticky notes and notebooks has now gone international. Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group is proud to announce that we are now shipping to Canada. For the first time ever Canadians and Americans alike are now able to personalize our quality products at a low price.

The difference between us and our competitors is that with us there are no hidden additional fees to ship to Canada. What you see is what you get! With us you will never have to pay import permit fees, duties, or taxes just to receive your package. We pay that at the border so you don’t have to!

We pride ourselves on providing customers with unbeatable service, quality products, and guaranteed low prices and we look forward to continually working with you at Personalized Paper Manufacturing Group where service is everything.

Custom Notepads | Small Business Marketing Ideas

Advertising your products and services as a business, big or small, is the single most important factor that determines success or failure. Without gaining customers there is no way of producing successful results and gaining true customer satisfaction. A solid approach to keeping existing customers and bringing in new customers can be a daunting task. We have multiple options to assist you in the task.

Custom notepads are an under-appreciated tool that make separating yourself from the pack an affordable and easily accomplished task. Notepads are unique in the way they provide actual utility to the person receiving it. Most marketing materials are solely useful in presenting the marketing material, after that they are completely useless and are tossed away immediately. Notepads offer the user a purpose to keep it around and useful. This also keeps your marketing message around and in front of potential first time or repeat customer.

Personalized note pads are great promotional gift as a giveaway and illustrate your companies’ willingness to provide use and value to your customer. Tear pads can be designed in a multitude of ways that offer you the control over how your image is portrayed to your customer. With options of fonts, uploading images, paper colors, paper weights, backing options and full color printing; your notepad can be completely unique to you.

Personalized Paper store has been in the notepad business since 1996, we are the single largest manufacturer of custom notepads in North America yet we offer minimums as low as 2 pads. We offer a wide variety of options including 19 sizes and 8+ paper options. We are dedicated to providing great quality products at an affordable rate to help you grow any size business. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s get the ball rolling on your next marketing push.