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Custom Spiral Notebooks | Small Business Marketing Ideas

SummitAs a small business, marketing what you do and how one could utilize your products and services may seem like a straight shot to success using products like postcards and flyers, but there are some more useful ways to market that will make those potential customers more likely to hold on to those vital pieces of advertising for longer periods of time.

Have you ever thought about using spiral notebooks to promote your brand or business? It’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when putting together a marketing campaign, but it can be just the thing to set you apart from the competition. A customized spiral notebook can get your information across and stay in the forethought of your potential customers mind with its utility as a place to keep and organize information that is meaningful to them.

Consider giving them away at trade shows or conventions. The complexity of a spiral notebooks design over a business card or a flyer will set you apart from your competition. This can be done by illustrating your willingness to invest in quality customers by providing utensils for their convenience. All while keeping your information in the hands of the potential customers and out of the trash cans.

Here at Personalized Paper we offer advanced tools to turn those marketing ideas, such as custom spiral notebooks, into a reality. With our elaborate design options you can have complete control over how your spiral notebook looks and feels. We offer very low minimum orders so you can try us out without spending your entire budget. We even have free samples in case you would like try before you buy!