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Due to their acronyms, it is quite easy to confuse the two. But what really are the differences between UPS and USPS? Whenever you have a parcel that needs to be shipped somewhere else, these two are the first two companies which come in mind. So which should you choose, and why?

USPS stands for the United States Postal Service, which was founded in 1775. It’s practically an authority in the shipping industry due to the length of time that the government agency has been in existence. Also known as the postal service or US Mail, USPS offers first-class and domestic mail delivery services.

UPS, on the other hand, is a public company, called the United Parcel Service, Inc. founded in 1907. It is considered as the world’s largest package delivery company, and they offer logistics services, courier express and freight forwarding. UPS also offers airmail service, which reduces the length of time. You can choose from next day air (depending on where it is being shipped), second day air, 3-day select and ground shipments.

Now, in terms of the more practical aspect of the delivery services, which one is better? USPS priority mail takes about two to three business days to get delivered. If you were to use UPS Ground, on the other hand, it might take up to two weeks before the package gets delivered to the recipient. Now when shipping USPS they have stricter guidelines in terms of the weight and size of the package, while UPS can deliver packages of virtually any size.

One main distinction between the two, which is a main selling point for any shipper is a tracking number. With USPS it is a lot harder to obtain a tracking number to make sure your package will be getting to you on time, where when shipping with UPS you receive a tracking number with every shipment right away.  UPS also just announced a new service that aims to enhance customer satisfaction and maybe even get a little extra change jingling in its pocket. Termed “My Choice,” UPS will allow customers to sign up to receive free email, text, or phone alerts on the night before a package is due for delivery, advising them of when to expect a knock at the door. An even more valuable feature is the ability to electronically sign in advance for packages requiring signatures confirming receipt. Result: No more little sticky notes on the front door telling you that you could have received a package if you had been home at the right time.

With all that being said let’s get into the different pricing of the two. With USPS you have two ways to ship, one by going off the weight of the package or by going with a certain size box that is a flat rate price no matter the weight. As with most shipping your cost is going to be based off of weight and distance, for example if I am located in New Mexico it is going to be a lot cheaper for me to ship something to Arizona than to New York. To avoid distance being a so cost effective UPSP offers flat rate boxes and envelopes. These prices can range anywhere from $5.60 for an envelope up to $16.85 for a large flat rate box. Needless to say if you are shipping something really heavy but small enough to fit in one of the flat rate boxes USPS might be the way to go.

With that being said UPS will ship any box any size any weight. It is hard to give exact prices with UPS since they mostly go by weight and distance. If you were to go to their website they do offer a shipping calculator in order for you to get an idea of your cost.

There is always a debate on UPS vs. USPS as the best method to ship. Conversely, UPS is much more finely tuned. It’s their electronic process that is all the difference. Also, they keep in contact with you regarding the status of your inquiry. Each carrier has a lot to offer. For example, USPS Priority Mail is an excellent choice for fast, low-cost shipping, and USPS is the only carrier that does not charge extra for Saturday delivery or that can service post office boxes.UPS had the largest ground fleet with an estimated 101,900 trucks (or “package cars,” as the company calls them).

So, which is best? The bottom line is that it depends on what you ship, where you ship it and what packing-materials needs you have, if any. It depends on your customer service needs, and your sensitivity to environmental issues. The best solution for your ecommerce business may not be the best for mine. It depends.


The Benefits of Using Business Thank You Cards

Businesses can interact with thousands of people a day, whether that be partners, vendors or customers. This being said when you are doing business with somebody a thank you can go a long way. There are many benefits in sending business thank you cards. For one, sending a business thank you card distinguishes you from the competition. The recipient may encounter various businesses similar to yours, and the fact that you took the time to send a thank you card will relay appreciation and definitely impress.


A business thank you card does not have to be complex. It can be as simple as thanking  somebody for their time and business in a short note. This small form of communication implies that that you are courteous and professional which will create stronger business relationships for the future. The Personalized Paper Store offers a wide variety of business note cards. At the Online Design station you can easily upload your company logo or image. You can chose whether you want your cards printed on white or ivory card stock and the price includes the envelopes. Order your business note cards today and ensure that your business is one to be remembered. responds to Ripoff Report

My name is Dave Gaulden.  I am the President of the Julmark Group.  Recently, one of our companies,, had a libelous and untrue blog posted on The Ripoff Report…an internet blogger that encourages individuals to post comments about companies.  There is no verification of truth or facts by this blogger…and anyone can say anything they want without any substantiation.   The primary objective of the Ripoff Report is to seek individuals to post comments on their blog…then post those comments to the internet in a fashion that will make consumers assume they are dealing with an inferior company…then charge a company $2,000 to have a comment removed or as they call it “arbitrate” the issue.  The information contained in their report number 1051792 is completely untrue…and yet unexplainable as to why someone write a comment so scandalous.  The customer that wrote this blog post was refunded the total amount of the sale of $269.01…not because we did anything suggested in the blog post…but simply because we could not understand what the person was seeking or what they wanted.  I am sure if you read his comments, you will agree that nothing he ramblingly wrote makes sense.  Nevertheless, his comments were posted on the Ripoff Report blog in hopes of damaging our superb reputation.  Unfortunately, we don’t know the motivation or reasoning behind this libelous act since we had refunded his money.

For 14 years, we have provided thousands of customers with superior quality products…at more than competitive prices…coupled with unbeatable service.  We are recognized as the top company in our manufacturing niches and have an impeccable reputation.  I continue to get emails from The Ripoff Report stating if I pay $2000 to “arbitrate”, I can make this scandalous posting go away.  Frankly, my company and thousands of other well-known companies have decided that we will not succumb to blackmail in order to clear our good name and we are confident that the United States Attorney General’s investigation will conclude that the posting of libelous and unsubstantiated  claims by this company is unlawful.  We value customers…so I am confident that once you read the Ripoff Report posting and read this response, there will be no question as to the circumstances.  If you should have any questions, I ask you to contact me directly at 800-921-1322.

Thank you for reading our response and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Dave Gaulden

Notepad Binding

The glue bindings on the notepads we produce are an essential part of the notepads manufacturing process. Our hot glue binder is a state of the art machine and one of the best you can buy for the purpose of binding notepads and producing our superior product.

In our machine we drop in the notepads one by one to get bound individually; this produces an even coating over the notepad’s spine. Other binding machines clamp a stack of notepads together and then paint the glue on by hand.  This is also likely to produce a weaker bind and after a couple of weeks it has a greater potential to fall apart. Our process produces a bind that will be the same every single time and the bindings produced by our machine are stronger. We can also produce them faster than the bindings produced from other machines.  The way we bind our notepads is one essential part of the superior product we produce.